Watch List – May 13-19: Is Lo Mein Gluten?


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

Okay, we are well into season 3 and the characters are starting to settle.

Henry is still an awful boss.

I feel a lot less sympathy for Frank who is very set in his ways and extremely judgemental.

Trapper is growing on me, but confusing as hell, because he is always talking about how much he loves and misses his wife… but then in the next scene, he’s smooching on a random nurse.

If Hawkeye wasn’t so mean to the people he is supposed to like, I would have a mad crush on him. There are a lot of likable qualities about Hawkeye Pierce, but the way he treats his friends is not one of them.

Especially Radar, who I mostly love. I especially love his attachment to his teddy bear – Stuffie representation!!!

My favorite character is Klinger, because he is the most consistent on the show. I understand that the way his dress wearing is approached is wrong at it’s core, but I really respect that he is sticking to his guns. His goals are very clear to me and I respect that.

Something else that annoys me about this season is the fact that some of the episodes just end… there is no real conclusion to the story sometimes.


Henry was a terrible boss, yes, but he did not deserve that kind of a send off.


Hacks (MAX)

I find this show to be so inspiring that I forget how depressing it is, as well.

But then, I tend to find inspiration in depressing art. I dunno what that says about me as a person, but there it is. Does it need to say anything, though?

I am 7 episodes into a rewatch and I find a lot of comfort in Ava and Deborah and (most of) their supporting cast.

Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

Okay, this ending is fun and fine, but it’s not really making me itch to watch another season of it, you know?

I still have one final episode to go.

Again, I love seeing actors in this age group get some really meaty roles, though.

In particular, I have enjoyed Julia Duffy’s performance a TON. Her arc has been fantastic to watch.

Also, the Ball is in the finale and Carol Burnette is UP and walking and I’m excited to see how it ends.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

I didn’t seem to fit this one into my schedule this week.

But then, also, I don’t want it to be over for the season.

This is a lie! I watched in the small window of downtime I had before my P-Valley event on Sunday. It was the perfect pick-me-up that my soul craved.

However, I am so bored at the Janine and Gregory storyline. They both deserve better and different.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

Here I am back at watching something that is disappointing me. =(

The dancing is great. I just wish there were more of it. I liked the focus on the classical-ish dance styles, but I understand why they are putting focus on the types of dance that most working dancers do.

But here’s the thing – if you want to bring back So You Think You Can Dance, bring back SYTYCD, not some retooled other dance show. If you want to do that – just name it something else.

This week is the brand challenge, so there will be marketing within my television show. Bleh.

This part feels especially America’s Next Top Model. Also Smac should be the choreographer for this.

Make a webseries for the family stuff and keep the prime time stuff for the dancing, please.

Do I sound like an old when I type about this show?

Madison still is injured. And now she cut her knee all up.

Easton is honestly killing this challenge, though.

Okay, I hate the way they are handling this Madison thing.

Dakayla and Easton are the best of what’s left and I can’t seem to remember any of the other dancers, so that must mean they are the best in general.

Yes, Madison is good, but she is gonna seriously injure herself and watching when she is NOT dancing makes me feel so uncomfortable.

Let’s see who goes home, y’all.

I am hoping they are having the contestants talk like this after their solos so Madison can bow out gracefully.

It was not.

Jesus christ I get to watch her suffer in the finale now.

Madison should have gone home and Easton should have stayed. Boo hiss.

Saturday Night Live

The beginning of the Maya Rudolph episode was so strong. Then it just became less and less funny.

Vampire Weekend was great though.

Also, I get some sort of sick twisted joy out of watching Michael Che bomb on Weekend Update, even if I’m laughing at his jokes.

And then I watched the finale too and Jake was great. Solid jokes and the Che/Jost joke off was one for the ages.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

It’s the penultimate episode thank god.

prepare for some unhappy word vomit:

p.s. spoilers abound

  • full disclosure I already know who leaves and I am sad
  • I’m gonna miss Venus’ honesty so much
  • Cancel Christmas would be a space on the Survivor Season 46 Bingo card
  • Ben did a Cara (aussie survivor) – are they that hard up for storylines?
  • oh I forgot the crying of Maria in the preview
  • What is going on with Ben? Is he gonna quit?
  • Kenzie has to be the winner
  • They keep throwing nice things in about her
  • She seems like good people A+ I like her
  • Woohoo I think this is a reward!!!!!! IT ISSSSS
  • Obstacle with ladder bridge with crawling with maze
  • I feel like Maria has this reward. I hope that Liz doesn’t get picked
  • Okay maybe not
  • I think this reward is Kenzie’s
  • Nope, Charlie!
  • ONly the people who go to sanctuary get letters from home? Ugh I hate it.
  • HOW CAN LIZ EAT CHINESE FOOD? Aren’t noodles gluten?
  • OKay good at least Kenzie is going.
  • Charlie has 22 on his hand, what a Swiftie
  • I had hope Jeff would give the losers the letters from home anyway
  • Those takeout containers make me irrationally angry
  • I can’t believe Liz has been here so long
  • Oh god Maria is still crying
  • She’s gonna go after Charlie now
  • I really can’t imagine letters from home making me cry though?
  • Why is Liz getting so much attention today?
  • Kenzie is 100% the winner based on this editing
  • Of course Charlie’s letter is filled with Taylor Swift quotes
  • Okay, who’s gonna find an idol and not use it this week?!
  • I can’t believe I am saying this, but I would watch Q play on another season
  • His chaos has become fun
  • Also he found an idol
  • Ben is just a non-player this game. Zero chance of winning, I think.
  • Also is Charlie wearing a Blue’s Clues shirt?
  • Oh boy another immunity challenge obstacle course with a puzzle at the end
  • At least this one is on the water
  • I think if Ben wins immunity it is a non event.
  • Nope, Maria’s got this.
  • Maria wins immunity for the third time, bleh.
  • I do love Liz’s rainbow top collection
  • Still trying to make “Q Skirt” happen
  • Thus dumb tribal council set
  • The jury looks SO BITTER
  • Especially Tiffany
  • Charlie is not a Survivor doggo, that title belongs to Simon Mee from Aussie Survivor
  • I don’t want Q to go home, but I hope Maria’s plan fails so that Charlie can get angry and retaliate
  • Q-nise! I’m dying.
  • This is so dumb. So many people went home with idols this year.
  • Bye Q, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll miss you.
  • Ugh lets limp to the same boring ending as the last 5 years.

Next time on Survivor: IT FINALLY ENDS.

Oh if you want to hear me and molls work through our anger regarding this season, listen here.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

We had two absolute bangers of tribal councils this week. One was a true blindside and begins an incredible partnership with George and Haley.

The second tribal sent Australian Daniel Craig to Redemption Rock.

The next three episodes are leading up to a massive emotional punch that’s gonna make me cry for sure.


Party Girl (Amazon Prime)

This is one of my favorite movies of all time ever and I randomly decided to do an online watch with my friend Aubz.

It holds up.

The fashion is impeccable.

The soundtrack iconic.

And it makes me want a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ganoush and a seltzer, please.


The “Regulars” (Hulu)

Sometimes when we want to take a mental break we’ll put on one of the regulars. We used this tool twice this week:

Once, we began our “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia” cycle. We start with “The Gang Turns Black” and then go to “The Gang Does the Boggs Thing” and then “The Gang Breaks Dee” and then see how we feel.

The other regular we went to this week was “Letterkenny”. We don’t have a cycle of these, though. We just start with a random episode. This time we picked the first two.

Also, I watched “The Suitcase” episode of Mad Men. It came up next on my watch, I didn’t hand pick it.


  1. woozxyl

    LOVE MASH! The epi you mentioned made me cry. Henry wasn’t so bad, he usually sided with Hawkeye and Trapper. And you’re right, lots of unevenness in season 1-3. There was a sight-gag in one of those episodes that indicated that Hawk has a sister – and she was never referenced again.

    • Jacki

      The continuity in this show is non-existent. Frank keeps whining about non having a purple heart, but he’s been awarded two already! I’m just here for the ride (and for Radar and Klinger). Also, of course I have a massive crush on Hawkeye. I like assholes! =) He’s an asshole with a great heart, though.

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