Watch List – May 20-26: It’s My Popcorn Purse!


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

If Radar dies, I riot.

Also, the way they handled Henry’s death was SO FAST. Like he was leaving to go home and then all of a sudden he was dead. I was not expecting this one bit.

Okay, so we are into season 4 now and a few things are becoming apparent to me:

I love Colonel Potter. He seems to be a good boss, who loves his wife and truly cares about the men at his hospital. Even Klinger, who I still love very much.

The other thing is… Frank has become wholly unsympathetic. It’s like they stopped writing the human part of him and he has become a caricature of what he used to be. I don’t like it. I had a soft spot where I could understand where all his rottenness came from, but it has disappeared completely this season.

Major Houlihan seems softer and Hawkeye seems less mean to his friends. I like the new guy BJ, he’s not all shitty to women like Trapper often was.

I still wish that some of the stories focused on the non-white, non-male characters.

I got that with the episode “The Nurses” which was both written and directed by women.

I am in love, LOVE, LOVE with Colonel Potter. He is SUCH A GOOD BOSS.

I also love BJ and now in season 6, I am SO GLAD FRANK IS GONE.

I am sad that we got a female storyline in season 5, but it all revolved around getting married to a man. Bleh. There are more to women’s stories than men!

Hacks (MAX)

The season 2 opener of this series is nearly perfect in my eyes. It gets an emotional response out of me every single time.

Also, Ming Na is fucking incredible in this. I hope she has a bigger role in season 3.

Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

This finale was FANTASTIC. Kristen Wiig was legit so incredible in that monologue/song near the end.

I already have a soft spot for the song she was performing. In fact it was the theme to one of our last New Year’s Eve parties before the pandemic. I don’t even remember what got me all into that song that particular year.

I was waffling on watching season 2 next year, but after that finale, I’m in. I’ll watch it.

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Kaia Gerber is an excellent actress. I’ve enjoyed her in literally everything I’ve watched that had her in it.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

LOVED this finale, except for one thing – the focus on Janine and Gregory as romantic partners.

Mr. Jophson was the true star, though.

I’m sure I’ll watch this a few times and will have more thoughts.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

One of the things I love about this show, in all iterations, is discovering new music and new artists. A+ time.

The jidges (I spelled it that way for Cat Deeley) are dancing in the opener.

Let’s see who wins this shit show.

I am so so tired of watching Madison dance injured. This aspect of the show makes me incredibly angry.

I do like this “Haiku Hands” number – and the song.

Okay, this Western bandit number with Anthony really has an Idelwilde vibe.

Next up is a contemporary with Dakayla…and EASTON! I love Easton. I wish he was still part of the competition.

This Natasha Bedingfield performance feels… unnecessary.

It annoys me to no end to see the judges “deliberate”.

Just pick a winner already.

Just not the injured girl, please.

I guess my winner order right now is: Dakayla, Anthony, Madison (injured dancer).

Okay, phew, Madison got third place. I don’t have to watch her dance injured anymore.

Now we have two solos, okay.

Oh, also I should mention that a “couple is going head to head in the finale.”

This fellow did a jump rope with this shirt that he ripped off in a contemporary manner.

Oh great now Anthony is injured.

Yeah, I want Dakayla to win.

This was a weird season. All reality TV feels very abrupt.

I should try watching the new season of Top Chef to see how the new host feels. I love Kristen Kish, so I think it should be great. And is Tom Colicchio still there? Is he gently stern? Are his shirts still blue? If the answers are all yes, I will be fine.

Oh god, this music they are using is cheesy af.

Anthony won, woo hoo, I guess. Okay, I’m glad that is over. Goodbye to this show again for a while. Yipes.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

Finally, the finale of this godforsaken season.

prepare for some unhappy word vomit:

  • Episode 13 is the finale. This seems so dumb,
  • Ugh, get out of here Jeffs. It has not been fun, nor has it been unpredictable.
  • 23 days without rice – I HATE THAT RECORD
  • Maria screwed up her own game
  • Oh boy, another obstacle course. To a puzzle. How original.
  • Is Jeffs gonna give them an In Addition Reward at least?
  • Yes, pasta at sanctuary, where great things happen
  • Does Jeffs have a mud fetish?
  • Liz forgot her key
  • Kenzie celebrating after finishing the puzzle, but the challenge wasn’t over yet
  • Liz is helping Kenzie?!
  • Is she even allowed to do this?
  • The one good thing Liz did this season
  • Get it Kenzie! Winner of immunity and pasta!
  • Kenz is bringing Benz for pasta.
  • I honestly can’t believe Liz lasted this long
  • They use the word “unpredictable” too much this season
  • This is honestly probably the best reward in this season so far
  • Mud circle!
  • Maria is trying too hard. I don’t like her down talking Ben
  • The jury is happy to see Kenzie win immunity it seems
  • I’m curious if Charlie will vote for Maria – He did!
  • Bye, Maria.
  • ”holy hot dog on a stick, I made it!” – Liz
  • Ben coming in with another panic attack
  • Ooh yes, Ben – How do you let go of trying to control what you can’t?
  • I really love Kenzie and Ben’s friendship
  • Ugh what is this challenge
  • Liz with the meemaw cane
  • Laz can’t even get her ball up
  • Ben wins his first immunity – Van Halen Better Off Dead
  • How cute are those lil fire making kits
  • I wish they let them vote at the final four- three folks could vote for one person and fire wouldn’t be needed
  • Oh boy, more crying. This time it is Liz. Why the fuck did she spit?
  • What is this Liz firemaking montage?
  • Now Kenzie is crying
  • This music is infuriating with the flint sounds
  • I hate firemaking so much.
  • Oh also RIP to this total trash tribal council set. I will not miss it.
  • If Liz wins fire… I will even more aggressively not watch the next season
  • The ENTIRE jury is rooting on Kenz
  • Yas Kenzie.
  • Liz’s eye roll and then crying again
  • I do recall liking Ben from the beginning though – I still think he has zero chance of winning
  • This is like the memory walk in reverse
  • ”Not looking for Taylor Swift lyrics” – Tiffany
  • This final tribal is a mess
  • Soda’s question was great – with the time assist from Tiff, too!
  • Kenz answered it the best
  • I love Kenzie as a human – her speech about her business
  • Q is wearing a Q skirt
  • Yay Kenzie won
  • Honestly – Tevin might make a good replacement for Jeffs
  • Or Tiffany
  • Do you think they edit in the insect sounds?
  • I think it is kind of rude for Jeffs to put Charlie on the spot about Maria’s vote
  • Big fan of Kenz. I’m glad she won.
  • Ugh the boring section about the idols and advantages
  • Venus is still one of my favorites of the season
  • And Liz is crying again
  • They don’t even have someone there to SErVE THEM
  • I don’t like the focus on weight loss
  • Did they lose so much budget that they can’t even keep the non-jury members in a hotel anymore, so they just send them home?

Already mentioning “new era” on the season 47 preview is a no for me dog.

what kind of preview was that?

Oh if you want to hear me and molls work through our anger regarding this season, listen here.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

We have established LORE about this season y’all.

We were sad to see our beloved country club competitor go home on this week’s episodes, but that’s okay, we still have Queen Hayley and King George the Target Plant.

Our next episode is very emotional and will make for interesting conversation. I am looking forward to it.


None this week!


Sam Tallent’s Wide World Season 2, Episode 1 (YouTube)

I thought we were one and done for a year with season one: Tokyo Riffs, but nope! Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund are back at it again. And this time we have Em, too!

This is easily the strangest travel show I’ve watched, but it also feels very human. The previous sentence is a compliment. Sometimes I feel like I state facts or, in fact, give compliments, but they come off wrong, so I want to make sure people know it, you know?

I love this show and can’t wait to explore France with the boyz and then also see all the other places they visit on this journey.

I hope they go to Ireland.

Maybe I can tag along, even?


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