Watch List – May 27-June 2: Light Week, Y’all.


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

Okay, so there was an episode entitled “Potter’s Retirement” and I was about to be SO MAD. Potter is up there, character-wise for me.

But I still love Klinger and Radar best.

I don’t even understand what it is I love about Klinger at more core. I think it boils down to his single-mindedness. He has a goal and every time I see him, he is trying to reach that goal in some manner, be it by wearing a stunning ensemble or pretending to be an MP or some weird scheme in between.

Starting season 7 soon and I hate the direction Major Houlihan has gone. Her husband cheats on her, she yells at everyone and is just in general miserable. She deserves better.

And we also deserve more than one female character.

I know they keep name-dropping Kellye the nurse, but she hasn’t gotten a storyline at all yet. It feels like they had complaints about not having enough female characters in the show, so they just made sure to say a random nurse’s name whenever they got a chance.

There is more to Kellye than nursing and I hope I get to find out.

One trope that they lean heavily on in this series is the letters home. I think there are at least two of these episodes per season. I dunno if I like ’em or not.

Hacks (MAX)

First question, I wonder if Ava ever opens for Deborah on tour?

Second question: why do I like the character of Kayla so much in this show? She’s kind of horrible.

And she 100% sexually harasses Jimmy, who I also love.

IDK, I have a very unexplainable soft spot for her. I understand she grew up entitled and spoiled and is used to getting her way all of the time. I think even her unabashed hitting on Jimmy is misdirected. Like that is the only way she knows to get men to like her and she really wants Jimmy to like her because she wants to do good and make her dad proud.

So she oversexualizes.

What I love about Jimmy is that he doesn’t give in to this. He’s not the best person either, but he tells her no and even tries to use the proper channels to report her for sexual harassment, which ends up being hysterical.

Mostly because the person he reports Kayla to is played by Martha Kelly, who I will literally watch in everything, but who I discovered in “Baskets“. But also partly because Jimmy ends up having to take a year-long anger management course and STILL has Kayla on his desk.

I really hope we explore and expand on these two characters. I’d even watch a spinoff, tbh.

In conclusion (for now, I might write more later), the actress who plays Kayla is one I’ll be watching. I think she’s got the magic that’s gonna make her an indie darling. Her name is Megan Statler and, last summer, she did a comedy tour with Sarah Sherman and Patti Harrison. I’m so sad I didn’t go.

Mad Men (AMC+)

This is a comfort show for me. I put it on when I want to feel safe and with all the stuff going on with Logan I want to feel safe right now.

The episode I watched was “The Beautiful Girls” and it’s the episode where Don falls in love with Megan and eventually breaks Fay’s heart.

Ugh, I loved Fay so much.

Season 4 has to be my favorite season of this show. I could say that about any season, though honestly. Between this and “The Suitcase”, though – chef’s kiss.

Hmm, maybe it’s because Stan is in this season. I do love me some Stan.

However, the highlight of this episode for me is Kiernan Shirpka’s acting. She’s so incredible as Sally Draper.

And then this iconic shot at the end:

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

Okay, so, the episode we watched this week was a pretty moving one. It’s the 17th episode of the season, one where a castaway’s parent passes away. Production handled it beautifully. Gave the castaway space to both be by themselves and explain their decision in their own words. At no point did it feel exploitative or, like, played up for ratings.

We are nearing the pointy end of the game and I am so happy to report that Aubrey sees the magic of Aussie Survivor. It makes me feel so happy.

After we finish this season, we’re gonna take a week to watch the first “Survivor” episode of “Game Changer” – with the bonus addition of Aubz’s fella!! I am looking forward to it.

Then we will watch Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains and I get to watch someone who is INTO it experience what I personally believe to be the best tribal council of all time ever, end of story.


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