We Are Trying To Make It Through 2024 With No AC

Why? Welp, because of the challenge, I guess?

Let me explain.

So, we live in a house that is over 100 years old… way before the days of air conditioning.

When we bought our house, it didn’t come equipped with AC. As a former Floridian, this is something that I can’t believe we went ahead with.

See? In Florida, we had the AC on 24/7. I’m sure there were some winters where we might have turned it off or even had the heater on. My brain has deleted those from my brain, though. I only remember boiling and sweating or freezing in the conditioned air.

Luckily, before we considered moving up here, I took a trip up here with my friend KPerks, so I knew the weather was a bit different. I mean, it snowed on 420.

So when we saw the Professor Haus (and immediately fell in love) and realized it had no central air, it was no biggie. There were two window units in important rooms that we could turn on if we needed to.

And the first year, we did. We had the bedroom AC turned down to 69 (nice) for most of the summer. I sleep better (read: I sleep at all) when I am not sweating. And when I am hot, I sweat a lot, y’all.

I am now realizing that is one of my worst sensory nightmares. Luckily that that means I can take steps to lessen the sweat I have to experience.

So, why did I say “yes” to no AC at all this year?

Well, because I think I can do it.

First up: our bedroom is like a cave: it’s dark and well-insulated, plus I have my cooling weighted blanket as a last line of defense.

Cause here’s the thing, I have steps I go through when I get hot in bed now. More than just the toe-shoulder-butt progression. But I’ll get to those in a bit.

Second: Our house is incredibly well-designed. Built in 1909, the windows are placed in such a way that as long as there is a hint of a breeze, we get a decent amount of airflow through the house.

Third: Mickey found and installed the screen doors to three doors that we didn’t have them on last year. The front door, the back door, and our balcony door.

When I sleep at night now, I look right outside into our backyard. There is a blinky light across the river that I have been unable to figure out what it belongs to. I find it comforting. I like it.

Mickey made a joke about not using the AC all year. And, ya girl likes a challenge, so even though I’m 99% sure he was kidding, but even if he was…I’m serious about this now so we’re doing it.

Then it got really hot out (like 96 last week). We went one day where it got up to 86 in the house – I almost broke that day, I’ll be honest.

But again, I’m competitive, so I didn’t.

Plus, we have a lot of really good fans.

I’m not gonna lie. Some afternoons are miserable. We’ll sit on the porch with a battery-powered fan and have our afternoon chats.

Then we’ll go upstairs for a meal with about three fans on us in that room. After two episodes of M*A*S*H, our butts are too hot and we do porch time again.

Rinse and repeat for a couple of hours, because the heat zaps any energy to do anything else right out of you.

When it is my bathtime, of course, the window is open. There is a big tree outside the window blocking any possible view, don’t fret.

I also, at Mickey’s suggestion, angle a tall fan into the bathroom for an increased breeze.

It’s the perfect way to cool down before getting to sleep.

Now, bedtime is something. We normally do our fair share of cuddles before going to sleep, but, again, that invites sweat when it’s hot outside. So we lay side by side and have some nighttime conversations.

And yeah, we do stuff. But if you want erotica, you got to pay for that shit.

Then we both starfish (that means splayed spread eagle out on the bed and look at the stars from our galaxy lamp.) Thank goodness for a king-sized bed. Oh! The fan situation:

Mickey has an old, old box fan on his face at night. We have a small, but powerful fan that is our year-round fan that we use every single night. The aforementioned tall fan is angled so that is blowing over both of us.

Then, I also have my face fan, which is a year-round thing. I don’t turn it on until I NEED it normally.

And here is where we will get into all the weird steps I take while sleeping in the heat without AC.

First, let me explain why they exist. I always say I like being cold rather than hot because you can always put more layers on when you’re cold. But when you’re hot, you kind of reach a point where you’re just wearing skin.

Well, I don’t ever want to end up in just skin, so I make sure there is always another “layer to take off”.

So for sleeping, I am mostly in a t-shirt and underpants.

Additionally, right before this heatwave was forecast to hit us, I purchased a cooling mattress pad after doing too much research. It doesn’t make me cooler throughout the night, but I also haven’t sweated once in bed since getting it.

First up in my steps to coolness is the starfishing, which I mentioned earlier. Then I’ll slide over the the Mickey side of the bed which has all of the other fans pointing at us.

That will cool me for a while, and then my back area gets hot, so I do a flip over to the other side to get the cool air somewhere different. That way I am staring out the door at the blinky light.

Then I will feel it. My face starts to get hot. Then I reach over and turn on my face fan to its lowest setting.

Then I sleep until I feel the prickles of sweat coming on.

So I turn up my face fan by one level.

Normally that is enough to get me through the night without having the “remove another layer”.

However, in the past couple of days, I’ve had to turn up my face fan to the highest setting and I don’t know what the next step is after that.

Of course, my intrusive thoughts tell me that a little slice up the side of me should be enough to slip my skin off neatly enough to have someone stitch it back on when it’s cooler outside.

By the time we have awoken in the mornings, the Professor Haus has cooled to the low 70s and is livable for a while.

There is no way I’d be able to do this in Florida, though. Yoof.

The other night I was thinking about those hurricane times, where the power would go out while the storm was still raging outside, so you can’t turn on a fan or open any windows. And then it would be out for two or more weeks afterwards!!

How on earth did I manage?

Well, I didn’t. I masked, but the waters underneath the surface the waters of my misery were a-churning.

So, that’s it. We’re trying not to use AC for all of 2024. Do you think we can do it? I think yes.


  1. woozxyl

    I would not make it. I survived childhood with no AC, relying on an attic fan and a bedroom fan and open windows. When I moved away to college (in MS) my dorm was fortunately equipped with AC and I never lived without it again except for hurricane-induced power outages. Being married to an engineer with access to portable AC units (called Spot Coolers) and generators has been a total win, although the generator can only power the spot cooler, one fan, the kitchen fridge and garage fridge and freezer. We lived in the living room with the bedrooms closed off. It was still effing hot!

    • Jacki

      There is zero chance of me doing this in Florida, but up here it’s okay so far. I was COLD this morning. I am wearing a light jacket right now!

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