We Had Our First Rain Storm in The Professor Haus

And I left the windows open. 

Seems wrong doesn’t it?

But, y’all, here is something I wasn’t expecting about this house. 

It was designed, oh, I dunno the word for it… properly?

Yeah, I guess that works. 

So, I guess it would be helpful for you to know that the Professor Haus does not have central air conditioning. 

Which seemed terrifying coming from Florida. 

And, if you know me at all in person, you’ll also know that sweating is one of my top ten least favorite activities of all time (second only to crying out of frustration which I feel hurt me at work and in my relationships quite a bit in the past, but I can’t control it, so here we are. I mean, don’t get me frustrated if you don’t want to see me cry. Personally, I’ve been doing an excellent job of simply removing myself from situations where I feel myself getting frustrated so as to avoid this, but sometimes it sneaks up on me and I find it to be very embarrassing. But I also know that is because I was taught to shove all my negative emotions deep deep down inside and never let them be seen. If we’re being honest, my true happy emotions were definitely given the side eye most of the time too. I guess I was more of an accessory than a human bean.)

So what I’m saying is… I dislike the heat.

And sometimes it gets up into the 90s here. Only a couple days a month, though. 

But I was worried about those days and my sweat quotient before we started living at the Professor Haus. 

Well, the day we moved in was one of the over 90-degree days. Yes, I was sweating. A lot. And my heart was beating very fast because I was going from “no stairs never” to “24/7 you can’t hide from stairs”, but like I said – my butt’s gonna be amaze. 

But we had the windows open and a fan going and it wasn’t that bad when my limbs weren’t all a-jamblin’ around. So I took a lot of breaks. 

Plus, Mickey did most of the heavy lifting on his own, since I do have noodle arms. He fucking emptied the PODS Pod in, like, under 24 hours, too. He wanted to be HOME. 

And so we are. 

Then one afternoon, I was soaking in the bathtub. (I am a lady of leisure now, after all), deep into an art magazine when I heard a sound outside the open window that was new and soothing. (Alert: my brain wanted to smoosh those two words together into an all new word: noothing – but it sounds kind of infantile, doesn’t it?)

I enjoyed the sound for a bit then my brain started doing panic alarms! Every single window in the house was open. And every single thing we own was directly underneath them (we were using my office as a staging area).

So, I splashed outta the bath and ran around the rotunda of upstairs rooms swiping my fingers on all the window sills in succession. 

Not a drop of rain had breached the screens. The sills were bone dry. 

Towel hastily wrapped around me, I tore down the back stairs (while “Creeping Up the Back Stairs by The Fratellis played on loop in my head) and checked all the downstairs sills and surrounding boxes and arts. 

Everything was fine. So I got dressed and went about my day. I probably stoop blogged until Mickey got home and then we ate stoop dinner and then I had my stoop firefly joint because I am a stoop KID. 

So, at some point in another rainy day, I did a google and, apparently, houses were just built to allow the weather to be rainy and the house still open. So you get air flow and circulation and, honestly, y’all, it’s just lovely. 

One day we had, like sideways rain and I had to close up the entire house because that was getting in.

I think that might have been the first day I turned on the lil window AC downstairs. It cooled it down pretty dang fast and I had to turn it off. 

It makes me kind of sad that details like our windows being designed in such a way to work with nature (we get an incredible airflow in this house) aren’t still in practice. I would have loved a house designed with air flow in mind instead of the refrigerated coffin that many Florida homes feel like. They were houses despite or even in spite of nature and I feel like The Professor Haus is in harmony with nature. 

Especially ducks and rabbits. 

I just hope I am equally delighted with our old timey radiators and not-Home Alone-scary boiler in the wintertime. 


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