We Have Encountered A Problem At the Professor Haus

And I need some help with it. 

It’s not an insurmountable problem, but given all the time we spend on the stoop, it’s one we want to get solved sooner rather than later. 

It’s the front door. 

See, when we were at the closing, we asked about keys to the doors and stuff and the old owners were like, “Oh we never use the front door!”

With a gorgeous front porch like this, why wouldn’t you use the front door every single day like we have been doing?

Just look how inviting it is!

Welp, this week we have found out why the old owners didn’t use the door very often. 

When I wake up each morning, I open up all the windows and then eventually end up having to open the front door when we get a package delivery (hopefully from my favorite mail carrier who remains the friendliest). 

There is a glass door and the main, heavy wooden door with gorgeous cut glass in it. The heavy wooden door gets opened and the glass door stays closed. 

When we first moved in, there was a little bit of a learning curve to opening the front door, the lock thingie moved the wrong way (in my brain’s opinion) and you had to kind of lean into it to lock and unlock it… no biggie. 

Then one day, I went to close it, and it was like there was a marshmallow or small pillow in its way and it wouldn’t close. So, I opened it all the way and closed it again and it worked just fine. 

Fast forward a lot of days of normal opening and closing of the door with little to no issues. 

Then this week happened. 

The past couple nights I have been unable to close the door on my own, so I asked Mickey to do it, which he always managed to do after, like, three or four tries. 

Then, last night happened. We headed to bed later than usual and, after trying a few times, I could not get the front door closed and so I left it for Mickey to close. 

But he also could not. For many tries. 

Confident that he would get the door closed, I creaked up the stairs to do my evening-time bathroom things. While I was going that I heard loud, repetitive banging coming from the downstairs, which I figured was Mickey attempting to Hulk slam the door closed. 

By the time I was done, he was still bangin’.

So I walked back downstairs – where he was using a hammer and some of the fail cubes (the cloth ones) to blunt the blow. Eventually, after what felt like 30 minutes, but was probably more like 5 or 10, he got the door closed. 

My brain told me to feel guilty about this problem with the door for many reasons, some as big and ridiculous as “This is happening because you fell in love with this house.” which, technically is true, is not helpful to me, because if I let my brain skip down paths like that I will end up resenting this house and that is not where I want to be. 

So instead, I reminded myself that, “Hey your brain is being extra mean today because it’s that annoying kind of first day of your period where you bleed and cramp in spurts and the rest of the day you’re like, “wtf mate there ain’t no period here!” but there totally is and your hormones are all out of whack and that makes your brain extra mean, so just ignore it, okay?”

And I did my best to do that, and I think I did okay, because I am not looping any of those mean things my brain blamed me for last night. In fact I didn’t even think about them until I was writing this blog! Progress! Get it, Jacki!

Yikes, I just cheerleaded myself. 

Temporary crisis averted, we headed to bed. 

When we got there, Mickey turned to me and asked, “What color?”

And so that’s what I’m here to ask for your help with. What color front door should we get?

Obviously I adore the current door (opening and closing issues aside) and we will preserve and save it somewhere in the Professor Haus (maybe as some hanging art in the Venue part eventually!). So don’t worry, that gorgeous thing isn’t going anywhere. I love the glass too much to let anything happen to it. 

Ok, so I did some photoshopping this morning. 

Here are our options:

Option 1 is this light blue buddy. Eventually I’d like to paint the ceiling of the porch blue and thought a door in a similar shade might look nice. I dunno though. 

Option 2 is this. Look, I love this color, okay? It might be too modern of a look for the ProfHaus, though. 

Option 3 is another blue (call this my blue phase idc), but with some stained glass detail so I don’t lose my look outside. 

Option 4 is a red door with also stained glass fanciness. It might be too much red with the brick, though, maybe?

Option 5 is another red door, but again might be too red and too modern, so I will take this time to let you know that every single time I spell “option” I do so incorrectly, in a different manner. 

Option 6 is a sunny yellow door, again with the stained glass details. Also I never get tired of looking at this house. 

Option 7 is a simple white door with a tiny bit of glass. I think if we went this way, we’d try to get pearlescent white paint if possible. 

Option 8 (our final option, phew) is a modern-ish black door, but it might not be too modern somehow? I dunno. 

Okay, so please please give me some feedback in the comments, because Mickey has Monday off and getting a new door is top of our list. 

p.s. I hedge-trimmed the bush thingies in front of the house and I think I did a rather good job on the left side. I’m getting batter at it!



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