We Need This for the Basement, Don’t We?

Did you know that a person could buy an entire Skee-Ball lane for their basement if they wanted one?

Welp, they can. 

And I want to be that person. 

I love Skee-Ball so much, y’all. 

There just something insanely satisfying about the rumbly sound of the wooden ball rolling up the lane, almost like thunder that’s under my control.

And then it ends in a dramatic jump, falling into the hole of its choice? Beautiful.

In fact, more than once, as a grown ass adult, Mickey has asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate another turn around the sun and my answer was Skee-Ball. 

Skee-Ball makes me happy. 

So, the other day when a stupid Facebook Ad let me know that full, fancy Skee-Ball lanes are available for purchase, I immediately clicked the link and started drooling. 

I’ve given y’all a tour of our basement, before, so you can help me be the judge if we should get one or not. 


I know they are very expensive, but I’m going away over New Year’s with KPerks and I’m writing a book, so I’ll be rich pretty soon.

That’s how it works, right? 

[(I know that’s not how publishing works, but I’m manifesting. (but also taking steps towards my success, because mainesting needs actions too)]

So, by, like, 2024, I’ll have Skee-Ball money. That’s my best guess, at least. 

Having this buffer of time, due to my late-blooming ass, gives us time to install a glitter floor and do something with the walls. 

Or figure out what to do with them, at least. 

And then we also need a ceiling of sorts, I guess.

Look, there’s some work to do. 

But the final piece should be my very own Skee-Ball machine, shouldn’t it?

I’d be making up my own rules and games and tournaments. Ugh, just imagine it. 

I mean, would you? Because I cannot do anything other than think about the sound and the joy I would feel every time I remember I have it. 

I would love to picture it, but I can’t – aphantasia, ya know?!


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