We Went Adventurin’: Bay City Edition

Mickey is on a pretty chill schedule right now. It sometimes allows for four days off in a row and we have really been taking advantage of it. 

Normally, we stick close to home or venture 15 minutes or so into Detroit to eat or drink or see art at whatever historical building I’ve become obsessed with that week.

One week we went to Flat Rock, so we could eat burgers at a place called Wimpy’s and look at antiques. We also ended up at a park for a dam that had most excellent swings. That was a good day.

This week, Mickey chose Bay City for our destination, because, according to the Internet, Bay City was home to Michigan’s largest antique store. And there were neat places to eat and explore around. 

So I decided to take notes and take pictures. I only did one of these, though, because my phone is always put away in my purse, because my clothes are mostly pocket-less. 

But then, also, I don’t like putting my phone in my pockets even when I have them, unless they are jeans or something. That is because if my phone is my pocket then my skirt is double lopsided. Not only is it shorter in the back than the front because of my booty, but it is also dippin’ down on one side because of my phone. 

So I took notes. As per usual, I think the only pic I took yesterday was because of BeReal. I will pull out my phone for that, I guess. Not much else, though. 😝 

Okay, so Bay City. 

It’s about 2 hours from the Professor Haus and of course I did some research about it before we went. Here are two of them to the best of my recollection (because I think that might be funnier than finding and saying the real facts. I will link to them, tho.)

Bay City Fact #1: It is the birthplace of Madonna. She is not proud of it, saying (to the best of my recollection) “I was born in the armpit of Michigan.” After visiting, I disagree. 

Bay City Fact #2: It is the namesake of the Scottish band “Bay City Rollers”. Apparently, they were looking for a name for their band, pulled out a map, smashed down a finger randomly and chose the city it landed on. 

So that is where we went on Friday. I guess all my city facts are music related. I’ll work on that before our next day trip. 

Okay, reading these notes now, they seem very weird. 

So I’ll work on that too. 

So the first thing I wrote down was “Shazam Playlist” and that is because we were listening to a playlist comprised of songs Mickey had Shazam-ed. It was like a walk down memory lane, TBH. I could even figure out what TV show we were watching that time based on the songs he Shazamed (ok it was the Leftovers – three songs in a row!).

The next thing I wrote down was “saying out road signs“, followed by “rochestah“. 

This is a thing we do no matter how far the trip. I think it is my fault. I just randomly read road signs and business names as we are driving around. When we pass GD River Avenue” I feel compelled to bellow “Goddamned River Avenue!” every time. 

This trip is was “Rochester” or as we kept saying increasingly more British accents, “RAW CHEST AH”.

After that I wrote down “Fishbowl joke at bar – ‘An Hostage at the Bar!’“. Okay, this one is embarrassing kind of. But when we were at the open mic this week, I yelled out a one liner that made me giggle and I wanted to remind myself of it. 

See? During the open mic, they do this thing called the fishbowl which is an empty beer pitcher with slips of papers with words on them. At the end of each comics’ set, they have the option to do a couple jokes outta the fishbowl. 

After one fellas set, the host pulled out a slip of paper that read, “Help! I’m an hostage at the bar” and the best joke the dood could come up with was to hate on the person who wrote that down because they used “an” instead of “a”.

I said, maybe they’re British and showed them what I meant by saying it in a British accent.

Next, I wrote down “Releaf – Drive Thru Cannabis“. This is just a billboard I saw. I did not get any drive thru cannabis, but it just drives the nail deeper on how lawless my new state really is. What’s next?

Well, that’s “World Championship Cheese“. Yes, that is from another billboard and it swooshed by so fast, I couldn’t get any more information. Was it a single cheese that has won a World Championship that I must now go taste? Or is it a single cheese championship event where one day I might get to help choose the World Championship Cheese? I do not know, but I will find out. 

I didn’t write this down, but the antique place was MASSIVE and we spent a few hours just wandering around. There was only one racist booth which felt pretty impressive based on the amount of nazi memorabilia, etc. we’ve seen elsewhere. 

I also didn’t write this down, but after the antique store we went to three candy stores and a cheese shop. I got something at every one, of course. The thing I can’t stop thinking about are these chocolate covered and cocoa dusted almonds that Mickey picked out that were just pockety pillowy perfection with a nut inside. 

I also didn’t write this part down, but we ate lunch at a place called Beaver’s Pub where we ate a lunch of all appetizers (kind of homemade potato chip thingies with maple syrup and bacon and other stuff on ’em, sausage and shrimpie skewers that were delectable and spinach and artichoke dip, A Jacki Favorite). 

During the beginning part of our meal, I also got to hear two ladies next to me remind me why I didn’t have very many lady friends for such a long time. They were in their early 30s based on the things they were saying, like, “I am in my early 30s and if my arms look anything like Jennifer Aniston’s do right now, you can go ahead and kill me.” and “My arms look better than hers, right? She’s, what – 40-something?” 

I could feel her shudder after this because she was taking up her space at the bar and made no effort to make room for anyone else, so her back rubbed against me when she shuddered. 

Based on the state of my own arms, if she would have seen what she just touched, she would have shuddered even more. 

Then they badmouthed all their friends’ appearances and wrapped up their drinks and left and then I finally had room to eat. 

Back to the things I have written down! Next is “Jeeter Mart @ Nirvana“.

Much like we used to with breweries, now, whenever we visit a new area, we make it a point to check out a dispo and see how they are! The one we chose was called Nirvana and I chose it partly because of the name and partly because they had “Jeeter Mart 4:20 – 7pm” listed on their events for the very day we were there. And Jeeters are one of my favorite of the spendy pre-rolls, so I was excited. 

When we got there, there was a little pop up shop in the front, all set up like a 7/11. Basically, if you bought any Jeeter product, you got a free 1g infused pre-roll. They had them specially packaged for the event and they are adorable. 

Look! (I took a pic for KPerks as I was smoking this last night)


In addition to that there were discounts on the Jeeters. 

Oh, you probably don’t know what Jeeters are, so I will tell you. Basically they are small infused joints that will get ya where your brain needs to be. My favorite strain is Shirley Temple. The free one they gave us yesterday was not tiny, but 1 entire gram. 

I realize this doesn’t really tell you much about what they actually are, so I will tell you a story about them instead. 

One day, I was hanging out with a friend who also smoked and I asked them if they wanted a joint before we headed out to dinner. 

“Do you have a small one?”

I paused, because, yes, I did have a small one, but I don’t think it is “small” in the way they meant it, so I said, “Yes, I do, but it’s one of my Lil Baby Jeeters (that is what I call them, shh!) and it’s infused so while it’s small, it’s not SMALL, if you know what I mean.”

“Lemme see it!” They demanded. 

I showed them the tiny joint in the tiny joint jar and said, “It can’t be that bad!”

I warned them! 

An hour later, joints gone, squirrels fed, we sat on the front porch and my tummy growls and my friend looks at me and said, “I do not think I can drive.” 

And they were pretty much a pro at the MMJ so, Jeeters’ll getcha. 

So, at the popup, we bought some stuff and got some free stuff – INCLUDING SOCKS! I saved a pair for KPerks because she is the one who introduced me to Jeeters the day we bought the Professor Haus! I hope she likes them. 😊 

This is so long, but there are only two other things I wrote down yesterday:

Snoopy @ Bay City Airport” There was a Snoopy mural at the Bay City Airport that we spied while driving by! 


Koegel’s Anytime” This slogan adorned a billboard for a local sausage company that we saw on the ride home and I couldn’t stop thinking about. Was it intentional? I know the spelling is not the same, but one can, indeed, do kegels anytime. 

It’s the one exercise I never skip. 


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