Welp, I Tried a $10 Menstrual Cup And…

It was just okay. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for a first timer though, which seems like the ideal customer for such an inexpensive cup, doesn’t it?

In this essay, I will break down the things I like about it and the things I do not and the one thing that makes this cup NOT GOOD for cup-newbies!

Okay not really an essay, but my brain is all ate up today with the possibility that we might actually be living in the house of my literal dreams soon. (we hear back today if they accepted our offer or not.)

So, as you may have read, Mickey had Covid last week so we did some quarantining up in the same house. 

When I packed my bindle for staying in the rest of the house I did NOT do a good job. 

My brain wasn’t thinking, it was in panic mode… of course. Here is what I grabbed for myself (some numbers may be slightly exaggerated):

  • 17 pairs of underwear
  • 3 pajama pant type things
  • one normal “seeing people” pant type thing
  • two dresses
  • two shirts
  • 12 pairs of socks

And then Mickey, thankfully, reminded me to grab pillows and my weighted blanket. And BedTyme Snoopy, of course. 

I didn’t wear a pair of socks one while Mickey was quaratined, though. I guess my brain thought I was still in Michigan and my feet would be little frozen popsicles again. 

I also forgot that I was a woman with a period that was coming up, so I didn’t even think about grabbing my cup. 

And then when I started getting extra angry and mean to myself in my head, I knew this quarantine wouldn’t end without me needing my cup. 

My brain refused to let me ask Mickey to bring me the cup I keep in our bathroom because it was just squicky to me for some reason. I mean, the cup’s spotless whenever it’s not in me and Mickey regularly handles the body part that it goes in. 

Who knows why my brain is all jangly about this, but it is. 

Instead of trying to figure out this why, I took myself to Amazon. 

And found a damn menstrual cup for $10. TEN DOLLARS. 

For reference, I paid $50 for my Diva Cup almost 20 years ago. And then about $30 on a Saalt Cup on vacation in LA a couple years ago when my period randomly started. 

Plus! It comes with 2 cups and a “cleaning thingie”. It has an official name, but I think “cleaning thingie” covers it. The two cups are differently sized: one for pre-birth and the other for post. 

So, I mean, obviously, I was gonna try this one. 

But of course I was also gonna do my research to make sure it is safe for my body, too. 

Everything that I found pointed to these cups being made from 100% body-safe silicone. 

When I pulled them outta the package, they looked and felt similar to my other cups, albeit a little flimsier and just “not as nice” feeling. 

The instructions were very straightforward, but I do not think they would be very helpful if I had never used a cup before. 

Which is okay because I would NOT recommend this cup for a first time user and there is one big reason for that. 

It is difficult AF to break the seal. With my Saalt cup, I just have to give it a practiced squeeze and the seal is broken. The Diva cup isn’t much more difficult, sometimes needing the addition of a little twisting action.

But this $10 cup? Naw, dawg, naw. I almost need to physically hook my finger around the rim to break the seal on this thing. 

And, if you’ve worn a cup for any length of time, you might be familiar with the sometimes strong grip the suction has on your cervix… well, this cup is extra strong and honestly kind of hurts a bit to remove. 

Having difficulty breaking the seal when you first start using a cup is panic inducing and just not a fun experience, so if you wanna try a cup for the first time, spending the money is totally worth it. 

HOWEVER, if you’ve used cups for a while and are familiar with all the sensations and feelings involved, I will recommend this $10 babyee for emergencies like this one. 

Oh and also, the collapsable “cleaning thingie” is worth the $10 for me. I can pop my cup in there at the end of my cycle (after rinsing of course), leave it in there with my peroxide/water solution that I use to keep it clean. 

Then I can pull it out before my next cycle, rinse everything and just collapse it on down. I love when things take up as little space as possible when not in use. 

Which is kind of how I treat myself, hmm. 

p.s. If you get a period and are interested in trying a menstrual cup but are unable to make the initial cash outlay… reach out to me! I’ve bought so many people their first cups. It’s something I love a lot and has changed my life for the better (it really lessens my cramps and makes me feel a lot less aware of my period smell, which I felt like I was always aware of when I wore tampons.) So I love sharing it with as many people as possible.

p.p.s. If you have tried a menstrual cup and it didn’t work for you, that’s okay too! They ain’t for everyone. I hope you find a period product that suits your lifestyle best. Is there something you’re curious about, but afraid to try? Email me! I’ll try anything once… and then probably write about it.  


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