Welp, Not EVERYTHING Is Going Great

If you live in Florida and own a home, you might be going through it right now, like we are!

See? A couple months ago we got this letter from our insurance company that basically said “okay bye.”

No reasoning, no excuses, just, “Naw, dawg, we’re done with Florida. This state’s trash.”

Which, I mean, I get it. I do. It seems like Florida is deteriorating in many different ways in front of our eyes every single day. 

But we live here in a house and it has to be insured so we had to take some steps to insure it. 

(unrelated: something about typing that sentence has made the difference between ‘insure’ and ‘ensure’ much clearer in my head. I can’t explain it, but I’ll take it!)

The first of those steps was to have something called a “Four Point Inspection.”

I contacted my realtor friend for a inspector recommendation. (p.s. if you need an Orlando realtor recommendation, you can’t go wrong with my boy Bart Marek and his incredible team)

He heartily recommended an inspector and I immediately asked if it was okay to text instead of call, because I hate talking on the phone. I have a terrible memory and messy handwriting, so it helps to have the physical text messages to look back on. 

Luckily I could, so I texted the inspector and he was here the next day to inspect. He said we needed a new roof and some minor electrical work and we said OK!

It was a very straightforward, inexpensive inspection and if you need someone for this purpose, ask me and I will give you their number! I cannot recommend them enough!

Luckily again, our next door neighbor had recently had her roof redone and it looks really incredible so I just snatched up her contact info and had someone out for a quote right away, 

We had a new metal roof in a week. Mickey let me pick the color. It is blue, because on clear days I hoped it would match the sky. 


Spoiler alert: It does. 

Now again, I will remind you that we are not millionaires. We are normal people with regular incomes and an older house. So we do indeed have a budget. 

Most of the electrical work the inspector said we needed was minor things, plus a breaker issue that could be a bit pricy. 

I asked for recommendations again and got two:

The first one quoted $750 to do all the work outlined by the inspector and said he could get started the following week. 

The following week came, but the electrician did not arrive.

So I texted. Nothing.

Waited a couple days and texted again. No response. 

I tried one more time before contacting the second electrician. 

I still haven’t heard back and honestly I hope they are okay. You never know these days, do you?

What did I do next? I called the second recommendation. Yes, called. On the actual telephone. I hated every second of it. 

They asked me to email the inspection to them and they would reply with a quote. I emailed, of course. 

Then I waited. 

And I waited. 

And I waited. 

Like a full week. 

Then I started the internal panic and looked up some other local companies. 

I finally got one to show up! The next day! 

You know what else showed up the next day? The quote from the other company. At more than twice what the original quote was. 

Now, if you can imagine my brain and how fast it must be spinning at this time. 

It’s a lot. I’m panicking. 

Then the other company shows up to quote us. This one seems to have their stuff together. They were perfectly on time, walked through all our stuff with us and left us with a quote. 

A GIANT quote, more than the other two combined. 

We made a decision on which company to use and the work began Thursday. 

When was the work supposed to be done?

Thursday. Friday, at the latest. 

What days did we have techs from our chosen company out here? 


Friday Day.

Friday Night.



What happened while they were here?

That, my friends is a story for when they are done. Hopefully today? We shall see. 

p.s. Who do you think we went with?

p.p.s. Why have I started putting postscripts on my blogs?


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