What fresh hell is this?

Ok, so I had another blog half-written and then I went to lunch. We went to a Polish restaurant in a basement and I have zero regrets. 

I had blood soup and pierogi and they were both delicious. Like probably the most authentic pierogi I’ve ever had in my life, but I think I liked the blood soup best? 

 pierogigoreip anddna souppuos bloodd9olb DuckkcuDdB

(the blood soup is on the left. on the right is a pierogi variety platter. the variety? potato & cheese, kraut, meat. also there is kielbasa peepin’ in the back)

Ok that is not the real name of it. It is actually called Czarnina and is made with duck’s blood, vinegar, dried fruit and spices and it was tasty, but not nearly as rich as I was expecting based on my previous experience with dinguan (a filipino blood stew). 

But that’s not the point of this. 

Cause what happened when we got out of the restaurant to drive back to our spot was this:

 windshield aa onon SnowSnow

(dunno why i didn’t think this would stick to the windshield. forgot that part of snow, i guess)

Ok, so snow was definitely predicted for today, but, like, .05 inches or some shit. That’s why we even bothered to brave the weather for the eating of the pierogi, cause we thought it would not stick. 

Welp, it did.

But it’s kind of magical. Okay, okay, it’s really magical. 

eert Snow-coveredderev9cgwonS

The flakes are fat and fluffy like the snow you see in a movie snow globe. 

Not a real, in person snow globe, though, that snow always looks like dandruff to me. 

One of the things I love about my brain, which I am also realizing can likely be somewhat overwhelming for some people is that because I have no visual memory or imagination, every time I see something… it’s exciting.

teerts coveredcoveted AbleAble

(the view from the front porch where i am currently drinking cocoa)

Cause, yeah, I saw snow a couple years ago and I was just as giddy as I am right this second. 

That’s me though, I’m often overflowing with gid. 

I was a little bit worried about how I’d be in the cold, cause as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more creaky and crumbly. So I worried my joints wouldn’t like the cold much. 

My joints are A-OK with the cold so far. No complaints here. 

 yardy backab coveredvoc SnowonSlow

(if you look close enough you can see a firepit. our our host was nice enough to leave us some firewood. we’re gonna make a fire. well, i am, cause I’ve watched every single season of ‘survivor’ so I have a lot of experience. not tonight though. it is snowing.)

In case you couldn’t tell, I am out of town and that is partly why this is so photo heavy and word light. 

Also, there’s snow out there and I don’t want to be looking at a screen!!!




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