Why Do I Blog in This Weird, Random Way?

The Blog!
I have been getting self conscious about the way I’ve been blogging here on this website that is supposed to represent my business. 

I read the articles, I know I’m supposed to be writing blogs about what I do in my business, using keywords that are gonna bring in customers via SEO and all that. 

But that’s just gonna get me other business folks, right? And that’s not who I want to work with. 

I am not a business person. I’m just a human person with a neurodivergent brain. I don’t wanna work with big corporations. Or, for that matter, I’m not interested in making millions. 

Granted, yeah, it would be nice, but I’m not seeking out freelance jobs based on money. 

I wanna work with people who are passionate about the work they are doing and the people they serve. 

I wanna work with people who take care of their employees, family and themselves. 

I wanna work with people who don’t put money before life. 

I wanna work with people who believe that black lives matter. 

I wanna work with people who believe in themselves (even if they need pep talks every now and then).

I wanna work with people who value a healthy work/life balance… for both themselves and their employees.

I wanna work with people who made the things that they love their work. 

I work best when I am passionate about something, so I decided to just blog the things I’m passionate about. 

Then other folks that love the same things I love will find me and, hey, if they need some marketing or graphic design or copywriting or event planning or logo design… awesome. I’m here for ’em. 

It might not be the ‘traditional’ approach, but it works for me. 

Plus, it gives me an excuse to babble about the things I love. 

And… if a potential client visits my blog and gets turned off by it? That’s okay, we probably wouldn’t work well together anyway. 


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