Why I’m Hype About ‘P-Valley’ S1E1: Perpatratin’

Okay, so next Sunday (June 23, 2024) I (along with my amazing client EngErotics) am hosting our very first “Book Club” meeting.

Except we’re not reading a book… we’re watching a TV show: P-Valley. Like a book club, we’ll be watching one episode per week of the Starz drama ‘P-Valley’ and then coming together on Sunday evenings to talk about what we saw.

And trust me, there is a lot to talk about. I’ve done this season 1 watch with about 6 people now and have learned something new about the show (and myself), each time.

Now, I will warn you, this show is very NSFW – unless you work in my industry. But it’s a compelling as hell drama that is just stunning to look at. Most importantly, it’s human. It’s so human.

You’ll fall in love with the citizens of Chucallisa, just like I did.

In preparation for Sunday’s event, I’ve watched this first episode a lot of times for different purposes. This afternoon though, I fired up a doinker and am just gonna watch the show for the pure glee of it.

So, here are the things I’m excited to talk about with folks on Sunday night. I’ll try to be as spoiler-free as possible, but, I mean – just watch the episode, then come back to read this blog, and THEN come hang out with us to dish on Sunday -there will be discounts for the attendees. Just sayin’.

  • Letting folks know that this is a fictional story in a fictional town. The beginning is very reminiscent of an event from our recent past, but it’s not *that* event.
  • The mystery of the ID!
  • The call of the literal pink. This is when I knew this show was for me. I felt it in my tummy.
  • The theme song is iconic every time, but especially the first
  • Mystery cowboy
  • Butts in the opening credits, y’all. BUTTS!
  • Yes, I have closed captions on. Always. It helps my brain process
  • And then also Mississippi.
  • Ugh I love these women so much
  • I also adore the dialogue. It is so quotable in a way I cannot explain
  • There are two scenes I cringe at a bit in the first episode because the acting is weak in comparison with the rest of the series and I am afraid people will pre-judge me based on those two brief scenes. I know that is rooted in my mom making fun of so much that I loved, so it’s something I’m working on. But I do wonder if other people notice them if I am not there to apologize that they exist.
  • Mercedes with the bottle always slips by my brain as I watch the rest of the season
  • The flashing red and blues even complement Unc
  • ”No tequila and titties.”
  • If you’ve ever been backstage at a strip club (aka the girl’s bathroom most places I’ve been to), this is what it feels like
  • ”Can you get this bitch beat for the night?”
  • This shot in the warped mirror is incredible
  • ”baby-necks-smellin’-ass”
  • The booty battle intro scene is A+ too
  • The way this show depicts disassociation is incredible
  • I love hearing jiggly asses described in a good way
  • People living these lives aren’t depicted in a way that isn’t demeaning or poking fun at them. I love how matter-of-fact this show is with them. This is their life, this is how they live it.
  • I’m 99% sure I’ve visited that church when I lived in Georgia
  • Mystery cowboy, again!
  • Watching Uncle Clifford butch himself up to go do business is an absolutely gorgeous and moving scene
  • I just have to breathe through this scene. It’s not that bad. No one else notices. No one else notices.
  • It’s a quotable scene though.
  • Duckets
  • ”Don’t tell me it’s cornbread when I smell those biscuits burnin’”
  • Uncle Clifford is a pretty wonderful boss
  • I will have to remind myself that most of the people watching for the Book Club have not watched the full season so I have to remember that all of this is new to them. They don’t know where these folks are gonna end up.
  • They put a LOT into this episode.
  • The lightinnnnnnggggggggg.
  • My favorite introduction: LIL MURDAAAAAAA
  • This might be one of my favorite character introductions of all time, honestly. The way we learn things about him.
  • “Be a good booty buddy, now”
  • These lessons from ‘Cedes
  • There are quite a few beautiful friendships in this show
  • Choreography is out of control. As is the immense dancing talent.
  • I don’t know that I realized how important this scene was before. (I will forget what scene this was, but I didn’t want to spoil)
  • Lil Murda is so good at words
  • ”Coochie Coupons”
  • Brown Fubu T-Shirt is one of my favorite insults nowadays
  • How protective Diamond is
  • The way we learn more about each character’s, uh, character is one of my favorite parts of this show
  • I am at the part when I knew this show would change the way I look at television and then it kept on doing that each episode afters.
  • I wish I could watch this for the first time again.
  • ”Can’t trust a man without a vice” – Is this true?
  • The way the camerawork really showcases the pole WORK is one of my favorite things
  • Also the soundtrack
  • Merecedes is such an agressive dancer
  • I think this show is really good for my body image, too
  • “It art. I transport motherfuckers” makes me cry every time
  • Hmm. Is Saturday night a normal night for a Booty Battle? That seems more like a midweek thing for me.
  • The way the episode wraps up is gorgeous.

Okay, so I think I did a fine job. This was way longer than I thought it would be.

But I love this show a lot. I hope you will join me for our book club (there is no book involved – we’re watching an episode of the show every week on our own, then coming together to talk about it on Sundays) Register here. All attendees will receive a discount to the EngErotics online store as a thank you for attending.


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