Yes, I Have Favorite Outfits That I Wear All The Time

…and that’s okay!

I used to be super self conscious about this but I asked myself, why?

Why are you endlessly embarrassed by someone thinking you LIKE something. 

What’s wrong with liking something?

And what’s wrong with people knowing that you like something?

I mean, it’s not hard to figure out that I felt this way because of years of mean people, at home, at school, at work, constantly questioning my choices. 

But why did I listen to them for so long instead of the things that made me happy?

This is top of my mind because I got a few shirts when I was in Detroit and when I bought one of them, I turned to KPerks in the car and said, “I am gonna wear this shirt so many times over the next few weeks.”

Detroit Shirt from 248 Studio

(this is same design, except mine is a t-shirt weight crop top hoodie and the screenprint is in P-Valley Pynk. I’m wearing it right now. Thank 248Studio for the rad shirt!)

And I was right. I’ve been home since Saturday and do you want to know how many times I’ve worn this shirt since then?


It was the first thing I put on after my bath Saturday, then I wore it lazy Sunday Morning. 

Washed it on Monday, folded it on Tuesday. 

Then I put it right back on again Wednesday for a podcast recording and friend hang. 

And then I woke up this morning and put it back on, because I knew I was gonna see humans today.

I dunno why my brain attached to this shirt and not the very exciting Third Man Records shirt I got myself from actual Third Man Records. But it did. 

If I were going out on a regular basis right now… this is the shirt you’d see me in. I’d make sure this shirt is washed for going out as often as I needed it because of the way it makes me feel. 

I feel like the ultimate me and why wouldn’t I want to keep that going?

So I am. 

Last year, I took this to a whole new level and spent a lot of time buying what my brain called “the ultimate Jacki outfit.”

Now, I had a good idea of what this outfit would look like from the outset. I knew there would be corduroy involved and it would be burgundy. 

I also knew I wanted a turtleneck. I always felt mega-classy in turtlenecks for some reason. 

And I also knew I wanted knee high socks and Mary Janes because I am me and that is my always ideal lower half. 

The outfit came together fabulously. The burgundy corduroy came in the form of miniskirted overalls and the turtleneck was white, long-sleeved and crop topped. 

Of course the socks were white and the Mary Janes were black. 

It had the intended effect too! I had so much confidence even though I was just hanging out at the house, rapping to the P-Valley soundtrack. 

So mind your business if you see me in the same thing over and over. I make sure it’s clean and it makes me happy. So, I’m just gonna take that happiness, okay?

And even if you point it out to me in a way that seems non-threatening or jokey to you, it will still put enough of a noodge in my brain that I will stop wearing it. 

Or else I’ll get a new happy feels outfit and switch to that. 

What clothes are you happiest in right now?


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