You’ve Seen the Professor Haus Basement – Wanna See the Attic?!

It’s much less complicated.

But I also think it might be haunted.

I mean, in 100+ year old house, it’s a real good possibility, right?

Let me tell you why I think this. 

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and the door to the attic is open. 

Not, like, wide open and gaping, but open enough that it looks intentional. The door has been opening

And, yeah, I know that old house randomly move around and you hear sounds and stuff. The house is settling or whatever. 

But part of that has to be ghosts, right? 

The attic door is one of the few doors in the house that closes with a real clear click, so I find it very difficult to believe that simply opening and closing all the windows in the house will cause it to open. 

Thus, the attic is haunted. 

Let’s do a tour!

Here is the opened door leading up to the attic:

You’ll notice it’s insulated to help keep the ghosts out. (I know it’s the heat, but let’s suspend reality for a bit, okay?

The stairs will definitely NOT stay green. Ugh, gross. I am actually thinking about some sort of design on the riser part and then black on the step part. Something kind of of spoopy, because I’ll be turning this into the..


Look, I know the spelling needs work. But as I show you more of the attic, I hope you can feel what I feel.

If I go up those stairs, I find myself at a landing. If I turn around and look out the door, this is what I see:

I can see right through the rotunda to the bathroom with my old, old, amazing bathtub. Not very exciting from a tour perspective, though, so let’s turn around. 

OMG it’s the rest of the attic! Sorry, Battic.

Those ugly green stairs lead up to a gloriously creaky floor and raftered ceilings. I’m a big fan. 

Just look!

There are also wires and stuff, but those rafters are amazing. Let me show you mostly why I think they are amazing. 

Before we even knew we were moving, I was in the midst of redoing our living room at the Florida House and a big part of that was batting up the rock wall behind my couch. 

My friend AJ made me a bunch of bats like this and they are my favorite:


Right now they live in my office with DJ Stevie Bats and her tiny record player, but eventually those (and any others I commission from her, lol) will be hanging from the rafters in the Battic!

Yes, all the bats have very happy faces on!

It’s gonna be Bat-tastic. Yoof, I sound like the Corn kid, but with bats. I am honestly okay with that because I unironically enjoy that kid muchly. 

Oh here is what the stairs look like FROM the attic. There are a lot of windows up here and I really dig. There is so much natural light in this house that we don’t even need to turn on the lights until about 8pm most days. Big fan. 

Then, if I turn to the right from this view I’ll see this:

Okay, that’s more from the center of the attic, but you get the idea. 

I still haven’t researched and bought the right kind of gloves to handle what’s inside these chests, but once it cools down a bit (that attic is HOT y’all) it’s a priority. 

Here’s a peek inside, though:

That is not a very good picture –  but look, the attic ghost is smiling at us! 

Both of those chests (Yes, one is a suitcase) contain what I believe to be a complete set of encyclopedias from the early 1900s (If I remember correctly). I am very much looking forward to reading some of the entries. 

And the last thing I’ll show you in the attic is the place where a pillow fort will obvously go. 

See that lil cubby over there? Perfect space for a secret reading fort, which, as it happens, is exactly what I need. 

Thank you for looking at our attic. When it gets fixed up, we’ll probably be using it for an art/guest room. 

With the secret reading fort of course. 

And bats everywhere. 

No matter what. 


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