Custom Erotica


A custom erotica story written to your wildest fantasies! (within a few personal limits, of course)



Working in the adult retail industry for the past ten years, I’ve been exposed to more fetishes than you could probably imagine.

So what I’m trying to say is… whatever it is you’re fantasizing about, it’s not gonna be too much for me.

Wanna read a story about getting pegged, but not actually get pegged in real life? I gotchoo.

Got a pee holding fetish? Fine, I can get myself into that mindset too.

Want to live out a power dynamic that feels impossible to make happen in the real world? Let me write it!

The way this works is, you make the order, then I’ll send you a little questionnaire to fill out to figure out the vibes you want your story to have, then I’ll go off and write!

This could take up to two weeks, because I like to give the story time to really come to life, you know?

However, if you need something faster than that, hit me up on my contact form and we’ll see what we can do!



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