Dan Harmon the Snowmon –


This is the very first piece I made in ceramics class.

I walked in and had no idea what to expect and was greeted with three options: a pumpkin, a snowman and something I don’t even remember.

Obviously, I chose the snowman. When my instructor asked me what color I wanted to paint its scarf and hat and I replied “Yellow and black”, she was a bit surprised. I think she is only used to wintertime holiday snow people.

I guess it was a good way to introduce her to my unusual brain.

Since the first class, ceramics day is my favorite day of every single week.

I don’t want to sell my first piece, but if someone rich has fallen in love with it, who am I to keep them from it?

Plus, I’ll just use whatever money I earn to make more art. It’s a win win, I say.

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Materials: ceramic, paint, sealant


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