“Twin Peaks: The Return” ‘Fix Your Heart or Die’ Mixed Media Art – 8 x 10


“When you became Denise, I told all of your colleagues, those clown comics, to fix their hearts or die.”

David Lynch is the specialest of beasts. I love him and his heart and even though it doesn’t make sense to many humans, it scratches my brain just right.

(there is a better story if you scroll down)

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This one is a little more complex than just falling in love with a scene on the TV, and a bit more personal.

In 2023, my (at that time) 23-year-old step son had a terrifying few months, where we thought we might lose him. We didn’t though! He just needed a new heart.

As a family, we have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Paired with the original intent of the scene, this one was a no brainer for me.

Art is made from printer paper, ink, acrylic paint, glitter and glitter mod podge. What can I say, I was in my sparkle phase? I’ve rated it upon a hard canvas board thingie.

Color may vary slightly from pictured.


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